Meghalaya cop, CRPF jawan in trouble for giving gun to child to pose

Meghalaya cop, CRPF jawan in trouble for giving gun to child to pose

TURA | Feb 25:

In a case of serious breach of duty, a policeman and a CRPF jawan have landed in trouble after photographs of them giving a young boy their service gun for posing, surfaced online.

The policeman from the Araimile Beat House in Tura, West Garo Hills had allegedly posted photos of himself with a gun, while not in uniform. He had then allowed a young boy to handle a gun for a photo, while a CRPF personnel looks on.

The incident, which apparently took place in the third week of December last year, was posted, allegedly by the same policeman, on social media, very recently, leading to a huge hue and cry over the irresponsible behavior of the security men.


"This is a serious breach of duty and the matter is being taken up very earnestly. This is giving out the wrong picture of how police and CRPF men need to act," said superintendent of police, West Garo Hills, Dr MGR Kumar upon hearing of the matter.

The SP informed that, following the photos going viral, a show cause notice has been issued to the policeman in question while departmental proceedings are expected soon.

The gun had been unarmed as the magazine was taken out of it. Prima facie, the gun belonged to the CRPF.


As per information received, the CRPF personnel in question has already been transferred out of Tura while the policeman awaits action from the police department.

"This is unacceptable behavior and requires serious action. What was the need to pose for photos with a gun while not dressed in uniform? Further why give a gun to a child. This is sending the wrong message to people – with or without the magazine," said Dr Kumar.

The SP informed that a circular on do's and dont's is also being circulated throughout the police department while higher authorities have also been apprised of the matter.

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