Meghalaya: Congress trains guns on UDP’s ‘double-standard’ stand

Meghalaya: Congress trains guns on UDP’s ‘double-standard’ stand

SHILLONG | Feb 23, 2019:

The state Congress on Friday took a dig at the "double-standard" stand of the United Democratic Party (UDP) over its alliance with the BJP in the state.

"The party at one hand is saying that it has come out of the North East Democratic Alliance and at the same time, they are part of the BJP coalition Government in Meghalaya," Senior Congress legislator Ampareen Lyngdoh told reporters here yesterday.

The Congress leader is of the view that the UDP should move out from the BJP coalition in Meghalaya and come to the Congress to prove that they would like to maintain distance from the saffron party.

"As of now the stand of the UDP of maintaining a distance with the BJP does not hold any water. The people of the State will not be able to digest to the 'double standard' stand of the UDP on its relationship with the BJP," Ampareen said.

She further stated that the party is saying something else and doing something else adding that this is where she is having a problem of understanding and to figure out "whether whatever is coming out from their mouth is true or not."

According to her, the UDP should leave the BJP coalition Government and join forces with the Congress in order to keep the communal forces at bay.

"If the UDP is ready to take such a big step then we will believe that it is serious of breaking its ties with the saffron party," she said.

Reacting to the proposed attempt of the UDP to float the North East Secular Front — an umbrella of the regional parties in the Northeastern region which will have nothing to do with the national parties either the Congress or the BJP, the senior Congress legislator said that it would be difficult to digest that kind of initiative as long as the UDP is part of the BJP coalition.


"I would like to ask –who they are trying to dissolute. This is not a period of dissolution. This is a period of honesty. I cannot be sharing my meals in the kitchen with the BJP and then sit and have armchair dialogues with other parties. As of today, all regional parties are under one front with the BJP," Ampareen added.

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