Meghalaya: Congress MP candidate Mukul Sangma confident of victory

Meghalaya: Congress MP candidate Mukul Sangma confident of victory

TNT News | Tura | April 11, 2019

As the polling for the first phase of Lok Sabha Polls nears it end in Meghalaya, Congress Lok Sabha MP candidate Mukul Sangma has exuded confidence that he would win the upcoming polls.

Speaking to media persons after casting his vote, he said, "We are very happy, satisfied and confident of winning both Tura and Shillong seats comfortably. As far as the other 89 remaining seats that went to polls today, I strongly feel we will fare better as well as other parties because the people want to throw out the present government."


Sangma also added that people have realised that all along the government of the day has only been misleading them with false promises and pretty dreams whereas the people in power have only been interested in filling their own coffers, while acting with pitiable vengeance against anyone that dare question them.


"Outstanding and distinguished intitutions have repetedly been compromised by the government which is acting as a dictator thereby denying the valuable Constitutional rights of the people of this great nation. The government's agenda and focus has never ever been on development and betterment of the people that elected it in the first place but solely for its own selfish interest. So people have clearly seen through that and I believe they will give a befitting reply", Sangma added.  

He added that even for the second phase, the trend indicates that Congress would emerge victorious.

Meanwhile NPP LS MP candidate Agatha Sangma also sounded confident and said that people's trust in the party will act as a winning force for them.

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