Meghalaya Assembly: No more plastic bottles in the House

Meghalaya Assembly: No more plastic bottles in the House

Shillong, Sept 06, 2019:

The Assembly Secretariat, for the first time, has decided to put glass water jug instead of plastic water bottles on the tables of the 60 MLAs on the first day of the Autumn Session.

It was witnessed that most of the MLAs made use of the glasses kept next to the jugs.

Talking to reporters, Commissioner and Secretary of Assembly Secretariat, Andrew Simons said that this is a small step to join hands in the campaign to stop the use of plastic water bottles.

"The water which is provided to the MLAs are filtered in the aqua guard," Simon added.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma has lauded the steps taken by the Assembly Secretariat as it is in line with the policy of the State Government on the campaign against the use of plastic.

He further informed that in his office, there is no plastic bottle since last year. "This trend of not using plastic will continue. There are many organisations that are joining hands with the Government — be it private companies, other schools, colleges and even media houses," Sangma said.

He further said that this is a positive step to tackle one environmental issue which can be done at an individual level.

When asked that this campaign against plastic would affect many of the youth who venture into package drinking water business, he said that this will definitely have an impact on the existing businesses.

"This always happen when Government comes up with policies in larger interest of the humanity," he said.

Stating that he is concerned about their business, Sangma said that the youth who are into this venture would need to look at using recycle glass bottle.

"They can also look at other available technologies," Conrad said.

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