MeECL ‘negligence’ leads to death of youth in Dadenggre; FIR lodged

MeECL ‘negligence’ leads to death of youth in Dadenggre; FIR lodged

TURA | NOV 4, 2019:

An FIR has been lodged against the sub divisional officer of the MeECL, Dadenggre on charges of alleged negligence
which led to the death of a youth on Thursday in WGH.

A person identified as Rupa M Marak had registered a case in the WGH police station against the MeECL official on November 1, after a young boy died, due to a high tension live wire which was lying on the roadside at Dadenggre.

The incident took place on Oct 31, one Mingkam B Sangma's life came to a gory end when he lost control of his motorcycle and fell on a live high tension wire that was left unattended by the side of the road at Dabigre, about 6 kms from Dadenggre in WGH.

Rupa through the Fir alleged that the implementation of wiring had not been done in a proper manner which has been leading to them snapping and posing a danger to the lives of the people of the area.

"The youth was electrocuted after falling on a snapped wire. This is not the first incident of such things happening," stated the FIR by Rupa.

The youth leader pointed to two earlier cases which took place due to similar happenings.

"Pinang Ch Sangma (11) was also charred to death when he accidentally touched a snapped wire in 2017. In the same year an elderly woman Jika Marak was also killed after an electric wire snapped and fell on her," said the FIR.

Rupa contended that the frequent snapping of wires pointed to the work not being implemented and monitored properly. Further he also alleged that the materials used in setting up the lines were of inferior quality and safety measures and human lives were not taken into account during the execution of the works by MeECL.

"Three precious lives have been lost due to the negligence of the department concerned. If the work was taken care of, these people would still be alive. The SDO of MeECL should be booked in this matter and put behind bars for his negligence which have cost human lives," said Rupa.

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