Former Meghalaya Governor, Tathagata Roy . (File Photo)
Former Meghalaya Governor, Tathagata Roy . (File Photo)
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Guv Tathagatha on Meghalaya Impasse: Incidents in state similar to that of Kashmiri pandits in 1991

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Meghalaya Governor Tatagatha Roy on Friday said that the feeling of the non-tribal in Meghalaya is almost similar to that of the Kashmiri pandits in 1991.

"I have the impression that the status of the non-tribal is something like that of the Kashmiri pandits what they use to be in the Kashmir valley in 1991. The Kashmiri pandit had to leave the valley due to the horrible state of affairs," Roy said while speaking to reporters on Friday.

Informing that he has had several rounds of discussion on the prevailing law and order situation with Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma, ministers and civil servants, he told that he has made it very clear that he ill not let any citizen of India residing in this country to suffer from any indignity or any fear.

"I shall do my best whatever is possible for me to do," he added. On the question To a question if he brief the MHA about this situation, the Governor said," You must understand that I am am apointee of the President of India and as such I have certain obligations and beyond that I don't want to tell you".

He said he had impressed upon the Government to restore normalcy and to boost the morale of the non- tribal's.
Pointing out that the law does provide some kind of abridgement of the rights of citizens in the state like one can't buy land except in a very small part of Shillong, the Governor said," But apart from what is forbidden by law there should not be any discrimination and people should not be afraid of moving around like free citizens".

Since Ichamati incident and cases of stabbing, an uneasy calm prevails in the State. Although situation seems to be improved with the district administration the hours of curfew in various parts of the city and also in areas falling under the Sohra Civil Sub Division.

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