Cyclone Amphan: Meghalaya prepares for potential impact

Cyclone Amphan: Meghalaya prepares for potential impact

Shillong, May 19:

Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma today informed that the government has reviewed the preparedness of the State to deal with any given situation arising from the super cyclone "Cyclone Amphan".

"We had discussed in details on the level of preparedness to deal with this super-cyclone," Sangma told reporters here today.

He also said that the citizens of the State coming from Bangalore will be arriving at the time when the cyclone would be approaching.

"The state government would have to take some important measures to take care of the effect of the cyclone if any. At the same time, the government is trying to ensure that the operation of bringing in people, testing them and maintaing protocols is not affected. We have discussed with the Deputy Commissioners on the necessary steps which need to be taken in such situations," he said.


Meanwhile, Chief Minister said that the Government also discussed process of bringing back the people who are stranded in places like Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

According to him, lots of coordination need to be done since it is a massive operation as it involves a lot of communication between states.

He further informed that the State Government is now looking for ways to reach out to the citizens who are stranded in big States like Maharashtra and West Bengal besides the other smaller states.

"We are exploring the possibilities of arranging special trains to bring the citizens who are stranded," he said.

Informing that a special train from Gurgaon will be leaving very soon, he is hopeful that special trains from Kerala and Maharashtra will be sorted out very soon.

He, however, asserted that the Government needs to be mentally prepared as things are uncertain with thousands of citizens returning.

"With movement of our citizens taking place, the society and the administration should be mentally prepared as anything can happen," he said, while reacting to a question on the rise in COVID-19 positive cases in Assam.

Maintaining that although Meghalaya is officially a covid free state, he, however, said that it does not mean that the Government would sit down assuming that everything is over.

"Testing and proper quarantine is the key to ensure that the situation does not go out of hand and the Government is monitoring the situation very closely," Sangma said.

It may be mentioned that although the State has one of the largest quarantine centres in the North East with 250-bed strength, the total bed capacity at the various quarantine centres however, stand at 1000 only for the entire state with a population of over 37 lakhs.

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