Agatha Sangma calls for more women’s participation in mainstream politics

Agatha Sangma calls for more women’s participation in mainstream politics

SHILLONG | June 08, 2019:

Lone Woman MP of the Nationalist People's Party, Agatha K Sangma said the participation of women in politics would only improve the quality of politics in the country.

"There is a need for women to join mainstream politics. I think Northeast has a good potential of ensuring women participation in politics," Sangma, who represents Tura Parliamentary constituency, said while talking to reporters here today.

Stating that the NPP is one of those platforms where women are welcome to participate, she urged upon women from different parts of the State to get more involved in their social and political life.

"Now it lies on us to bring about change and women plays a very important role in bringing quality changes in any organisation they work in," the lone woman MP of the NPP stated.

She said that the NPP is heading in the right direction of empowering women, with her winning the Tura Lok Sabha seat and NPP leader, Farlene A Sangma winning the bye-election in Selsella constituency.

Stating that the NPP is a small party and is in the nascent stage, she said that despite this, the party is encouraging women who have a voice and want to bring a positive change. "I hope the party will take women participation in active politics to a whole new level," Sangma said.

Pointing out that the women in NE are empowered compared in the rest of the country, she however observed that most of it is in terms of economic and social empowerment. "But there is still a huge vacuum in terms of political empowerment of women in the region," the MP from Tura said.

Meanwhile, she said that cabinet berth or no berth, there is a lot of work to be done. "Even as a parliamentarian one can be extremely effective. I intend to make sure that in my tenure as an MP, I will be able to raise the concern of Garo Hills which is my constituency.  At the same time being the sole MP of NPP I will also raise the concern of other NE States," she said.

When asked about the core areas which she will look in terms of bringing about development in the Garo Hills region, Sangma said that development has to be holistic.

"The priority areas are infrastructure, horticulture, agriculture and sustainable development. We are fortunate right now to have the State Government with us. We are also part of the NDA Government at the Centre. Besides improving the coordination at different levels, there will be improvement even in the implementation level," she said.

When asked about her opinion on the CAB, the NPP MP said that this issue will have to be addressed in the coming months.

"We have asked the NDA to ensure that there is proper consultation and any decision that needs to be taken in terms of CAB has to be taken keeping the stakeholders in mind. You cannot have decision which are arbitrary and affect the Northeast in a negative manner. Unless consultation is done and opinion is taken from the NE States it would be disastrous," Sangma said.

She said that she would appeal to the new Government to ensure that if decisions are being taken it should be done with proper consultation with the Northeastern States and all the States which are concerned about this issue.  "As a national party we will ensure arbitrary decision is taken," the NPP MP from Tura stated.

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