Yodeling from the hills by Mr. Nightbirth Cheran Momin & Akumsen Lemtur

Yodeling from the hills by Mr. Nightbirth Cheran Momin & Akumsen Lemtur

SHILLONG | JUNE 28, 2020 :

By Gabriel G. Momin

Northeast India is very much blessed with talents, mesmerizing landscapes, and they are very much known for their love and passion for music alongside their rich culture. Music surpasses beyond boundaries and helps unite people of all races.

Bringing to you Mr. Nightbirth Cheran Momin hailing from William Nagar Garo hills part of Meghalaya and the sweet little seven year old Akumsen Lemtur from Mokokchung district of Nagaland their wonderful collaboration amidst the prevailing pandemic.

"It was in January when I happened to see one of their videos and was just amazed by their passion for music. I just dropped a comment to appreciate in one of their videos, later they did the same in one of my videos and slowly began the idea of collaboration though it was a casual proposal initially" Nightbirth said.

Here is what it sounds like when two talented artists from the two hills sing with their enchanting voices echoing over hills and mountains of the northeast. Listen to their wonderful cover of Mockingbird Yodel(Taylor Ware)

Why this particular song?
It was "Yodeling" that got us into this collaboration in the first place. So we had to choose a song that had Yodeling in it, hence this song…

Since when you started music?
Akumsen – started singing at the age of 4(four)..

Nightbirth – I remember myself singing in the church for the first time at the age of 4.. don't remember exactly when I started playing guitar.


Akumsen's – Lady Gaga

Nightbirth's – Andy McKee, Don Ross, Luca Stricagnoli, Jacob Collier

Future plans – We are considering collaborating again in the future but it won't be anytime soon.

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