Women passengers allowed small knives, matchboxes for self-defence during Metro travel

Women passengers allowed small knives, matchboxes for self-defence during Metro travel

New Delhi, Jan 6: Women's safety has become a much discussed topic in recent days after the aftermath of harassment and molestation that took place in the new year's eve.

Women commuters will now be allowed to carry small knives and match boxes on Delhi Metro for self-protection, a step taken last year to ease security pressure off the Delhi police.

The decision by the Central Industrial Security Force was taken with a view to reduce checking time at the 'manning points' by Delhi police. Earlier, the women were asked to deposit their small knives and flammable items like matchboxes at the "collection centre". Their piling up was causing a cumbersome situation as the returning of the items was hampering smooth flow of execution of duties by the security officials.

A CISF official clarified that it has nothing to do with women security and the purpose of the decision was totally "hassle free frisking" of all travellers.The decision came into effect on September 25, 2016, he revealed. In the case of women allowed to carry a knife of up to 4 inch, the official said the security personnel on frisking and scanning duty has the right to refuse entry, if the passenger is seen as a security threat, he added.

Though the items have never been counted, CISF officials said 100-odd lighters and matchboxes are seized on an average daily, at present at different stations."Apart from one lighter and one matchbox per passenger, we have also allowed passengers to carry tools. We received several requests as labourers travel by metro and carry tools for work.

"In the world over, it is a practicality that only items that can cause mass destruction are not allowed. We carried a review and found that with these items, passengers' safety is not in danger," the official said.

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