What you need to know about the NSSATA protest outside the Nagaland Secretariat today

What you need to know about the NSSATA protest outside the Nagaland Secretariat today

KOHIMA, June 8, 2018: The Nagaland Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers' Association (NSSATA) 2010 -2013 batch has been staging a protest outside the Secretariat since today morning at 9:00 am will conclude it at 3:00 pm.

The protest is part of the third phase agitation of the NSSATA 2010 -2013 batch which began on June 6 outside the Directorate of School Education (DoSE). The indefinite strike continued on June 7 with teachers from all the districts, numbering to about 2000, braved the heavy downpour to protest outside the gates of the DoSE. Earlier the NSSATA held a pen down strike as its first phase agitation from May 2-10 followed by the boycotting of classes from May 11-25 in the second phase.

The NSSATA agitation has demanded for the extension of 7th Revision Of Pay (ROP), transfer of their salary from Plan to Non Plan and to release their salary from January to March with 7th ROP.

The protesting teachers were visited today by the NSF President and his colleagues, the ENSF President and his colleagues and the Kohima Village Student's Union president and his colleagues. They addressed the gathering and also extended their solidarity to the Association and its members, informed a press release today from NSSATA President, Penthungo Y Yanthan and General Secretary, Vinoka Shohe.

In a statement/clarification issued by the DoSE on June 6, it had stated that some batches of SSA teachers were appointed after the post were created, advertised and interviews conducted, to which Thejangulie, Convenor of the agitation, replied, "the protesting teachers were all selected through proper channels based on advertisements published where the government had clearly mentioned the post as Regular State teachers."

"We were inducted in the SSA without our knowledge after the selection," stated Kilang, Spokesperson. Penthungo Yanthan, NSSATA President, also stated that the Association has all the evidence to prove the government wrong.
A meeting was held in the evening with the DoSE that had requested the protestors to suspend the agitation.

"The members have made a decision to protest outside the Secretariat on Friday. The protest will continue until and unless a specific time frame is given in a written form," said Penthungo.

The press release from NSSATA stated that the government has given assurances to the teachers time and again but it has failed to deliver. "So, the teachers have every right to seek justice through democratic means till the Government fulfils our demands," it reiterated.

ASUD extends support
"The plight of the SSA teachers of Nagaland is a contentious issue that has remained unaddressed for years. One wonders when the government will accede to the legitimate demands of our respected teachers whose sweat and toil is the reason thousands of children are able to receive quality education," stated the Ao Students' Union Dimapur (ASUD) while extending solidarity to the NSSATA's ongoing agitation.

"It should be noted that the performance of elementary schools in Nagaland has been improving steadily and is directly related to the level of job satisfaction enjoyed by teachers…to deprive them of their entitlements is downright insulting and a mockery," stated the ASUD in a press release from its President, Lanutoshi Aier and General Secretary, Moayanger Jamir.

They maintained that the teachers ought to be rewarded with all benefits entitled to them. "If the government is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the student community, its first priority would be to bring the ongoing issue to a closure once and for all by taking into consideration the cries of our teachers."

Source, Image Courtesy: Morung Express

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