West Bengal: Big cat walk away in defeat after clash with fisherman!

West Bengal: Big cat walk away in defeat after clash with fisherman!

PATHARPRATIMA: A fisherman on Tuesday fought off a tigress for a good five minutes till four others joined him inside the Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary . The big cat walked away in defeat, but not before damaging the right arm of Nitai Bor.

Six days earlier, the five set out on a fishing trip deep in the Sunderbans mangroves from their homes in Boro Shyamnagar. The group comprised three brothers Nitai, Joydeb and Jagannath, and their two neighbours. After five days of fishing in the Kolosh river, the group members laid their fishing net at the edge of the river bank.

When Nitai went to check whether the net had been placed correctly , a tigress jumped off a tree and landed barely 10 feet away from him.

"Nitai picked up a bamboo pole and took on the tigress…We gathered more bamboo poles and rushed to his rescue. We joined the fight and the five of us started beating the tigress up. Sensing defeat, the tigress almost gave up, but before it fled it landed her paw on Nitai's right arm," said Jagannath.

"The fishermen's group had entered the West Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary where entry is strictly prohibited," said ADFO Debojyoti Bera.

(Source: Times of India)

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