Tripura: CBSE’s class 10 exam may become ‘mandatory’

Tripura: CBSE’s class 10 exam may become ‘mandatory’

AGARTALA: The Central Board of Secondary Education is likely to revive its old system of setting question papers for Class 10 board exams for all schools affiliated to it.

Prior six years, the CBSE made the class 10 board exam optional.

"The decision was not finalized yet. Whatever be the decision of the CBSE, we would follow it," one senior teacher of a CBSE-affiliated school in Agartala.

The decision would soon be taken after a meeting with the Union Human Resource Development and the Central Advisory Board of Education.

Though the decision is yet to be taken, it brings mixed responses from parents and students.

Many students, despite the optional system of the CBSE, had preferred to appear in the board exam as they believe that it would help them to prepare the competition which they would have to face in AISSCE, i.e., higher secondary.

"As many of our class mates are ready to face the school assessment due to general belief that school teachers might set easy questions in the exam. May be it is correct, but me and few of my friends would choose the board exam. We think that it will make us mentally-prepared to face a board examination prior higher secondary. Students who would opt for the school assessment, must be aware that there is no such optional in higher secondary level," Sumit Saha, studying in Class 10 said.

Even some parents are also not ready to inspire their children for appearing in the school assessment as it would not make them serious as Class 10 is the first step for higher education.

On the other hand, there are some students who believe that Class 10 results, though considered to be the stepping stone for higher education,  it's certification hardly matters to face any competitive examinations or to get a good college later on.

"In every college, be it engineering , medical or any general degree college, marks of higher secondary are taken into consideration. If I score good marks in Class 10 board exams and get satisfactory results in higher secondary, no college authority would consider my first board exam's marks. So, I believe that focus should be the higher secondary exam," Amitabha Naha said.


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