Tripura: BJP at the helm of targets; Union Minister accused of ‘insulting’ Tripura!

Tripura: BJP at the helm of targets; Union Minister accused of ‘insulting’ Tripura!

Agartala, March 22: As the region still sways with the victory of BJP in Manipur, the opposition as well as ruling parties other than BJP in various states are leaving no opportunity to target the majority ruling BJP on any occasion.

In a recent uproar, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) has accused Minister of State in the PMO, Jitendra Singh, of insulting the people of Tripura by cancelling an appointment with its MLAs in New Delhi.

The meeting was slated for March 17 after the party repeatedly approached the PMO to complain to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about alleged chit fund scams and rampant corruption in government circles of the State.

Six TMC MLAs, led by State president Ashis Kumar Saha, flew to the national capital on March 16 and hanged around for four days waiting for a response from the office of the MoS.

"We spent money and time on the meeting only after we received an invitation from the office of Jitendra Singh," Mr. Saha told newsmen on Tuesday.

 'Chit fund scams'

He said the appointment had been fixed to brief Mr. Modi about "about huge scams of chit fund companies and corruption let loose by CPI(M)-led government".

"We wanted to submit evidence to the Prime Minister about the chit fund menace and relentless corruption in the State. We now realise that the BJP is reluctant to hear voices of dissent, owing to a nexus with the CPI(M)," Mr. Saha said.

The party also blamed the BJP for keeping the Centre out of Tripura.

"The acts of the BJP are very suspicious as the party never took up agitation programmes on corruption issues," Mr Saha said.

Source: The Hindu

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