Tripura: A must visit place to view 36 medicinal plants

Tripura: A must visit place to view 36 medicinal plants

AGARTALA: Our grandfathers used to depend on plants for any curable disease. With the invention of medicine, people almost cannot help them from choosing medicine giving them quick relief from pain. The young generation almost has nil idea about the medicinal plants. To get rid of the ignorance, you must visit Heritage Park in Agartala where you can view a total of thirty six medicinal plants used to be popular in our grandfathers' time.

1.Brahmi: Used to treat skin diseases, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, memory enhancer.

2.Thankuni: Great effect on upset of stomach, treats the premature shedding of hair.

3.Pudina: Stimulates your brain functioning, helps cure nausea, soothes skin infection.

4.Gulancha: General debility or weakness,dyspepsia or indigestion,fevers and urinary diseases.

5.Peepal: Cure heart diseases, constipation, dysentery etc.

6.Harjora: Enhances quick and long-term bone healing. It is also known for treating bloody diarrhea, skin disorders.

7.White Bisalayakarani: Cures wound, blood clotting, cough and cold, piles, revitaliser etc.

8.Red Bisalayakarani :Same usage

9.Patharkuchi: Highly effective in abdominal diseases, acne, allergy, anxiety, arthritis etc.

10.Gandhamaduni: Used in healing serious wounds.

11.Satamuli: The dried, powdered roots of these medicinal plants are used to increase lactation in nursing mothers for the treatment of leucorrhoea, sexual weakness and rheumatism.

12.Lakchana: Treats chest pain, fever, heals wounds.

13.Punarnava: Used in the treatment of jaundice, loss of digestive power, obesity, etc.

14.Kew: Cures deworming, skin diseases, fever accompanied with cough and cold.

15.Telakocha: Used to cure diabetes and encephalitis.

16.Nilkantha: Cures old cold and cough, throat infection, thyroid.

17.Shonkaich: Used to cure skin diseases and urinal infections.

18.Nayantara: It is used as a folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes.

19.Aloe Vera: Beneficial for hair, health and skin. Aloe Vera extracts are also used in food and energy drinks.

20.Satodrone: Used to cure asthma and jaundice.

21.Sweet Tulsi: It helps to curb appetite if consumed before meals, helps to control blood sugar in people having Type 2 diabetes.

22.Black Tulsi: It is useful in curing fever, cough and cold, sore throat, headache etc.

23.Kalamegha: It helps to solve the liver and intestinal complaints.

24.Bach: It is used for indigestion.

25.Sarpagandha: It relieves tension, anxiety and worry especially in snake bite, it is extensively used as antidote.

26.Jatropha: It is used on the domestic livestock for skin diseases, sore and rheumatism. Its' roots are believed to act as an antidote for snake bites.

27.Barley: It is used in the treatment of skin, liver, blood, and few other disorders.

28.Ekangi: Used to cure breathing problem.

29.Bhuiamla: This herb primarily acts on liver function properly.

30.Neem: It stimulates the immune system, improves liver functionality, detoxifies the blood and promotes a healthy respiratory and digestive system.

31.Chandana: It is used for its antiseptic properties. Sandalwood essential oils are used in the preparation of soaps, incense, powders, perfumes, and other cosmetics.

32.Haritoki: It is effective in reducing swelling, hastening the healing process and cleansing the wounds and ulcers.

33.Bohera: Bahera is effective for throat and eye diseases. Oil extracted from seed gives excellent results for skin diseases.

34.Bael: Bael fruits used in curing diarrhea and dysentery. It can also be used to cure bleeding gums.

35.Rudraksha: It is used in the treatment of blood pressure, heart diseases and wearing rudraksha around your neck keeps mind calm.

36.Shiuli: Useful in treating constipation in children, treat sciatica, arthritis, fevers, rheumatism and various painful conditions.

Compiled by Priyanka Deb Barman

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