Tribal body calls for boycott of Nagaland assembly elections

Tribal body calls for boycott of Nagaland assembly elections

Dimapur Jan 15,2018: As the Nagaland assembly elections are drawing closer, the Naga Hoho which is the apex tribal body of the Nagas, has called to boycott the upcoming elections in Nagaland.

The working committee of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPG) has said in a statement that the election for the Nagaland Legislative Assembly could cause serious ramifications on the ongoing peace process. The group also expressed the hope that the Centre should take this matter seriously and might come up positively to create a conducive atmosphere for smooth negotiation, which would arrive at an honourable and acceptable solution to the Naga issue. The working group also displayed the concern as a warning that executing the elections when political negotiation was at an advanced stage, could negatively impact the pursuit of early solution.

Earlier, the Nagaland Legislators had asked to get the elections done only after concluding the Naga-Insurgency. The Nagaland Legislators Forum on December 7 had resolved to yearn the Election Commission to conduct elections to the Assembly only after the center finds a solution to it. A clan of elite Naga leaders including the present and former MLAs and MPs met at Regional Centre of Excellence for Music and Performing Arts. The members in the meet resolved to request the members of the Nagaland Assembly to pass a resolution to put their request to Election Commission.

The winter session for the Nagaland Assembly has been summoned by the Governor P.B. Acharya. It will be a two-day session of the Assembly and are dated on December 14-15. It must be noted that election to the 60-member Nagaland Assembly has been scheduled for February-March 2018.

The Forum had adopted a four-point resolution and had urged the Indian government and other stakeholders to resolve the Naga political problem before the Assembly elections go on the floor.

The resolution had been signed by the Chief Minister T.R Zeliang, Assembly Speaker Imtiwapang Aier and T. Khongo, President of Ex-Parliamentarians Association. Khongo later said that the Assembly elections must be held "only after an honourable and acceptable solution is reached in regard to the Naga political problem".


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