Til Pitha (Sesame Pancake)

Til Pitha (Sesame Pancake)


1 kg: Sticky rice

400 gms: Black sesame seed (til)

750 gms: Jaggery (grated)

As per taste: Orange rind


Soak the rice for 3-4 hours drain well.

Pound the rice into a fine powder. Sieve twice with a very fine sieve.

Keep it in an air tight container in a compact condition.

Clean, wash and dry the sesame seeds before hand.

Stir, fry, and dry the sesame seeds in small portions in a karahi. When sesame starts to crackle remove the sesame seed from fire. Pound coarsely.

Mix the pounded sesame seed well with grated jaggery and orange rind.

Heat a griddle and take a handful of rice powder and spread thinly in round shape.

Sprinkle sesame and jaggery mixture on the pitha and fold the pitha to half.

Keep aside for a while on the side of griddle so that the pitha is crisp .Turn once

Serve Til pitha hot.

Note: Half moon (Jun) shape til pithas are also called Jun Pitha .

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