The Wailers hope to see Shillong again

The Wailers hope to see Shillong again

Peace, Love and Happiness. These three words come to everyone's mind when we talk about the legendary Reggae artist Bob Marley and the Wailers.

No doubt that NH7 weekender was one of the most remarkable shows for the Rock capital of India. The Wailers from the beautiful country Jamaica had an overwhelming experience headlining the first day show at NH7 weekender, Shillong leg. The fans of Bob Marley and the Wailers were just showered during their set and witnessing them live in India was like a dream for most of the fans as they let each and every one sing along with them.

Here are The Wailers sharing their experience playing in NH7 with us:

"This had to be the most humbling experience for me. On arrival we were greeted with your customary blessings (marigold necklace, a knitted blanket, and a red mark of what I believe is blessings). No matter where we turned, people were busy working and hustling the most unique things that I'd usually take for granted. Fast forward to the show in Nongpoh, the audience stuck it out through heavy rain, and we are beyond grateful for your love and we will never forget that. Side note: we weren't late, those of you that attended. We were actually there 4 hours early and backstage the whole time. We just really enjoyed the performance before ours and saw that you did too and we didn't want to interrupt that beautiful energy. We respect our fans too much to be tardy for no detrimental reason. With love and sincere hopes to see you again soon"-  Cegee Victory (Support vocalist for The Wailers)

Shillong has a growing reggae scene and since 2008, a group of musician, known as Roots Reggae Band, has been paying tribute to Marley on his birthday February 6 or May 11, the day of his death.

However, there are a few facts about the famed Jamaican folk artist Bob Marley that most people don't know.

Bob Marley was of mixed race:

Mr. Marley's father was a white British naval captain named Norval Sinclair Marley who was from a conservative, upper class and racist family. His relationship with a 19-year-old Jamaican woman resulted in the birth of the world music legend.

They lost a gig for being too good:

The band was invited to open for Sly and the Family Stone for their 1973 concert tour. The Wailers were fired after only four concerts because they were getting all the attention and love from the audience.

Bob Marley was a vegetarian:

Mr. Marley was a devout Rastafarian who practiced Ital. Ital is a diet that takes its name from the English word vital. Although it does not mandate vegetarianism, it dictates that one eat a diet that promotes livity, or life energy. Mr. Marley's personal interpretation of Ital included excluding meat from his diet.

"No Woman, No Cry" helped to feed people

The band's most famous song was written by Mr. Marley, but credited to Vincent Ford who ran a soup kitchen in Kingston, Jamaica. Mr. Ford used the money he got for "writing" the song to fund his soup kitchen until he died in 2008.

There is a parasite named after Bob Marley:

Although he was an extremely hardworking and talented man who supported many children and causes, there is a blood sucking ocean parasite named after him.

The band's biggest fan was marine biologist Paul Sikkel of Arkansas State University, who named his discovery Gnathia marleyi for the singer.

(By Ritu Raj)

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