The Diary of a Northeast Metalhead

The Diary of a Northeast Metalhead

It is no secret that society looks at Metalheads and Rock fans with complete and utter disappointment, but why? Because they're in a world of darkness (for most of the time), slightly stubborn around strangers and like a brick wall that can't be demolished of their views  towards society?  Oh but dude! Seriously isn't that better than being an annoying brat?! And here's a sermon for you, being a Metalhead or a die-hard Rock fan doesn't mean one is distant  from the society, we're just conservative and intellectually choosy and have a taste different from yours!

The best part has to be the fact that "adults" tell their kids to keep aloof from such music fans, "Stay away from them, they're a bad influence". Lol, really? And you encourage them to watch sexually laced  music videos with subvert meanings? Music? I applaud you! We're better off being around aggressive music which actually does help us survive our adversaries!

And apparently we're devil worshipers! Yes it is not true, perhaps because metal bands use the word of evil in some of their lyrics yet most of the bands have never followed the part of Judas. Sometimes  it's just an image to represent the actual world in song. Have you seen an occultist which performs rites and rituals on a new born child? Maybe! Yeah then the same logic applies here.

Another criticism I hear is the lyrics? What about them? It's abusive? Well no! Maybe you just don't have the right calibre to interpret! Yeah you're better off listening to a four line song of 4 minutes! With all due respect to Nicki Minaj her lyrics don't go beyond a nursery rhyme but wait those lyrics changed your life huh!

But on a serious note, I'm not trying to be biased on what and what not to listen, but just giving an opinion people! Stop attacking the scene and we'll stop bad mouthing! Simple as that! What happens when you push a button? It either turns on the lights or opens a door…and you have pushed our buttons, sadly!

As they say an eye for an eye makes the world blind and we don't have to hate you for not loving our music and vice-versa. But then respect only comes when you command it and not demand it – so to all those people who call us dirty, devil worshipers, alcoholics, drug addicts…grow up! We are anything but that. Errr…dirty perhaps!

It's when the elders learn not to judge that the youths feel comfortable to express themselves.

(by Mebanaibor Nengnong)

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