Sportspersons and their weird phobias

Sportspersons and their weird phobias

Athletes are prime examples of will power, courage and stamina but they are humans too and they have certain fears and habits which die hard. Some have a habbit of being too organized while some have a fear of bunnies. Here is a list of athletes who have the strangest fears or phobias:

Andy Roddick fears bunny rabbits

The tennis ace from USA is popular all throughout the sporting world for his passion for the sport, his art of imitating fellow and retired tennis players and the spirit with which he played the sport – always giving it his best. However, it is very shocking to note that Roddick is afraid of rabbits, bunny rabbits.

David Beckham has a fear of things not being in order

The heart-throb of the footie world, David Beckham suffers from ataxophobia, the fear of disorder of things. Say for instance your fridge has 3 bottles of apple juice, 3 bottles of pineapple juice and 3 bottles of orange juice, but not placed in the proper sequence. Beckham would freak out about that; he likes everything to be in a line or in pairs.

Rafael Nadal is scared of the dark

Rafael Nadal, 9-time French Open champion, can definitely be labelled "fearless" on the tennis court. However, he is afraid of the dark. In an interview, Nadal claimed that he keeps his TV and house lights on when he goes to sleep at night.

Rebecca Adlington fears the ocean

Rebecca Adlington won 2 gold medals in the summer Olympics of 2008. She's recognized as the pride of Britain for her amazing performance in the summer Olympics of 2008. But there is something you need to know about the swimming star. She is afraid of the ocean. For someone to win 2 gold medals in swimming in spite of her fear for the ocean is something that ought to be appreciated.

Lewis Hamilton has a fear of spiders

Lewis Hamilton, the star F1 racer suffers from arachnophobia. This phobia is one of the most common phobias in the world; arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.

When asked why he feared the spiders, he explained, "they have too many legs".

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