Sikkim: Meet Abigail Lama, a fashion blogger from Gangtok

Sikkim: Meet Abigail Lama, a fashion blogger from Gangtok
In today's story, we have featured Abigail Lama a business graduate and a blogger from Sikkim. Abigail is the girl behind the fashion blog 'AglStyle'. On TNT- The Northeast Today, we cover her stories related to her blogging, her inspiration, aspirations, and journey so far.

Abigal Lama is a 22 years old fashion blogger from Gangtok, Sikkim. She completed her graduation in Business studies from Middlesex University, Dubai and has been blogging on fashion under the name AglStyle for the past 3 years. 'I was not a fashion enthusiast, to begin with, but my mum was and I would like to believe that she rubbed it on me. During my childhood, I was more fascinated with colours, textures and I would spend hours going through interior design magazines. So eventually after I passed out from high school I was able to discover my passion for colours and design and at that point of time, the best way I could portray it was through clothes' said, Abigail.

Initially, Abigail was quite reluctant about blogging but somehow she managed to start her first blog on WordPress. She mentioned she was naive when she started blogging. She had no idea about the do's and don't about blog and blogging but yet her passion for blogging soared high with time without failing a day to blog. She was very consistent with her blogging. Abigail mentioned that though she has not been able to monetize her blog and has not yet achieved any breakthrough in the blog-o-sphere yet  her passion for blogging drives her crazy from within and gives her a deep satisfaction which nothing on earth can provide her, she believes.

According to Abigail, blogging,  in a holistic point of view, has created a portal for everyone through which one is able to discover numerous facets about oneself. She said 'Through blogging, I have been able to come to a point of understanding that I do not want to promote clothes or all the other material things as the ultimate goal of our lives, rather I want to balance it out and express creativity through clothes at the same time not leave behind the very essence of life and the greater non-tangible things one should aspire for'. She further added 'I found my love to curate things whether that was an outfit, a product, an article or simply my Instagram flat lay pictures through blogging. Lastly, blogging has helped me to understand the power of words and has made me express myself uninhibitedly'.

Recently, Abigail has created a page on Facebook called 'The Darling Writer', which happens to be a community solely for upcoming writers who can display their work to the public with the aim to spread the love for poetry and writing. The page has been earning followers gradually and more than 15 writers are contributing to the page.

Abigail at this juncture mostly connects to her blog readers through her Instagram and her Facebook page. Currently, she is working on a pilot project with her father as an Admin and Marketing Manager of Multistage Energy Coop which is a socio-entrepreneurship cooperative based venture initiated by my father. Although the coop is based on a cooperative model but the management style is definitely a start-up. She has been really occupied with her job lately. Abigail is likely to pursue her Post Graduation very soon.

Abigail on her words on aspirations said' there are too many to count but a common denominator among all would be, I would like to deliberately make a difference in this world starting from our society and I believe it can be effectively achieved through self-awareness and socio-entrepreneurship'.

Lastly, she added up the message to the young fraternity by asking the young souls to try to genuinely understand oneself and bravely accept themselves the way they are. She added that once  one really introspects oneself and knows self-better than everything around shall just fizzle out and then the magic happens. She lastly added that believing God and trusting His ways has truly propelled her to face challenges courageously.

by Yougan Tamang for TNT- The Northeast Today

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