Scrapped notes sold in exchange for guns in Nagaland. Demonetization fails in the state!

Scrapped notes sold in exchange for guns in Nagaland. Demonetization fails in the state!

In light to the recent Rs 3.5 crore of cash in scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes "vanishing" after being seized on a private chartered flight at Dimapur in Nagaland. Another shocking revelation by an India Today report on post demonetization in the northeastern state, Nagaland's Dimapur notorious agents were found to be aiding illegal stash of black money in safe hideouts.

The reported(unnamed) during an investigation went undercover as a marble dealer and met a money tout by the name of Noor Mohammad who facilitated as the middlemen to hoard the currency in accounts of the tribal people.

While speaking to India Today, Noor said, ""There are ten to 15 accounts of a single family. But you wouldn't like to have accounts from a single household. You need four or five accounts from separate people. These Naga people pay no taxes. They don't even pay 25 paisa in taxes." He hinted the reporter to deposit the black money in Naga holders in in separate installments till December 30, for which he would receive a percentage.

The report also brought into light the arms trafficking network as weapons were traded using scrapped notes for those looking to keep their illegal money. Several firearm suppliers in Dimapur were seen organising weapon permits even for non-residents, that too in exchange for scrapped notes.

Viraj of Sarmati Gun-House in Dimapur while interacting with the reporter demanded Rs 1.40 lakh for a single license for a .32 pistol . "This is the license rate. The pistol price will be separate," he said. He then brought in a man, Kibami, who identified himself as staff of the state's police department. He(Kibami) and Viraj quickly promised to arrange a license for the undercover reporter. Viraj also offered his wares to invest the reporter's fictitious black money in.

"We will get it (the black money) adjusted in the weapon. By that time, you'll also get your licence," he added. Vikas, Viraj's accomplice, then offered to hoard Rs 80 lakh 'black money' in his current account for a cut of 25 per cent.

"We have to bribe the sales tax inspector as well. We have to show everything in the book. But it's an yearly account. We'll have your money settled in there," Vikas said.

Rampant corruption and the state authorities being aloof on these matters have brought a big question mark on the law and order machinery in the state of Nagaland. Demonetization exercise in the state would be termed as a failed exercise as arms trafficking to hoarding black money is doing runs throughout the day.

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