Recruiting women now new goal for terrorists

Recruiting women now new goal for terrorists

All the female militants claimed that they had joined militant activities as their husbands had forced them

As law enforcement agencies continue their streak of successful raids, the new Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) seems to have resorted to new operational strategies.


The top leadership of the New JMB is now aiming to recruit more female members for the outfit in a bid to dodge law enforcers using security loopholes and manage its organisational activities, investigators said.

According to them, several female members have already joined the outfit but are not taking part in operational activities directly, rather participating in giving opinions.

Based on primary interrogation of three female members of the outfit, who were arrested during the September 10 raid on a militant den in Azimpur Investigators disclosed these information

The arrestees are  JMB leader Tanvir Qadri alias Abdul Karim's wife Abedatul Fatema alias Khadiza, 35; Gulshan attack coordinator Nurul Islam Marjan's wife Afrin alias Priyoti, 25; and New JMB leader Basahruzzaman alias Chajlet's wife Shaila Afrin, 23.

The female members are now on a seven-day police remand, which started yesterday, under the custody of DMP's Commissioner of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime unit.

When asked about security loopholes, sources said that the frequency of checking women is not the same as men. Unless a woman looks suspicious, police do not check them thoroughly, they said adding that militants were now using females mainly to pass operational details.

CTTC unit Additional Deputy Commissioner Sanowar Hossain agreed with the findings and told the Dhaka Tribune that they had found some evidence that the female unit of New JMB is on the verge of taking organisational form.

"However, the [female] unit is in its primary stage as the members are yet to join operational activities," added Sanowar, who is investigating New JMB activities.

He said: "The CTTC is now trying to make a database of these female members and drives are underway to arrest them by tracing their location."

Females forced and tricked to join New JMB

Meanwhile, during yesterday's hearing on remand prayer in the court, Shaila, wife of Basharuzzaman, claimed that she was forced by her husband to join New JMB.

On this issue, sources said that the New JMB has recruited several female university students after trapping them in love affairs and marrying them. Later, the females were forced into militant activities, they said.

A high official of the CTTC unit, requesting anonymity, told the Dhaka Tribune that Jebunnahar alias Shila is presently leading a section of the female unit of the New JMB.

In some cases, the whole family is found to be involved with militant activities. One such example was found in the case of New JMB operational wing leader Faridul Islam alias Akash, who was killed in a drive in Patartek den in Gazipur on Saturday.

Akash's mother Fulera Khatun, 45, sister Shakila Khatun, 18, and Salma Khatun, 16, were all found involved with JMB activities. They are now in police custody. Before this, on July 4, police arrested one JMB female member named Rozina Begum from Kalihati of Tangail and based on her information, two others named Sazida Akther and Jannati alais Jemi were arrested.In interrogation, all the female militants claimed that they had joined militant activities as their husbands had forced them.

Asked about the female militant members, CTTC chief Monirul Islam said they were working to trace the locations of the female members of the outfit.

Sources said that based on information, law enforcers on July 24 arrested female militants Nadira Tabassum Rani, Runa Begum, Habiba Akther Mishu and Rumana Akther Ruma from Uttarpara of Mashumpur of Sirajganj.


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