People’s Disregard For Tourist Spots

People’s Disregard For Tourist Spots

Meghalaya is an all-year-round tourist destination, where even the monsoon provides the exhilarating experience of being on the wettest place on earth. While travelling in Meghalaya is bliss because there is no limit to the number of beautiful sights that one can visit, the fact that many tourists spots are in desperate need of maintenance and cleanliness cannot be ignored.

It is unfortunate that with the rise in the number of tourists that visit the place each year, there is also a lack of maintenance and the beauty of these places is marred by the garbage that is scattered everywhere by visitors.

Daiñ Thlen Falls, one of the many waterfalls in Cherrapunjee, is also one of the most popular tourists spots in the region. However, this beautiful place is also being treated like any other garbage can, which is apparent from these photos.

It is clear that pollution is caused not only by the lack of maintenance by the government but also from the lack of self-responsibility of the local people and tourists. There is a need for tremendous changes in the ways that these beautiful places are being treated. Here's hoping that people will be more aware of their roles in the conservation of the environment.

(TNT News)

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