Nagaland’s plastic eggs row: Public urged not to panic; sample test of fake eggs sent

Nagaland’s plastic eggs row: Public urged not to panic; sample test of fake eggs sent

KOHIMA, Jul 3: Amid fear of circulation of plastic eggs in Nagaland markets, the Food Safety Officer (FSO) Kohima, Kezha has appealed to public not to panic as there was no concrete evidence so far to suggest presence of artificial eggs.

It was last week when three Naga youth, who jointly run a roadside snack stall near Old MLA Hostel, reportedly bought eggs which after being cooked appeared to be "abnormal" with a thin and soft outer shell. They are said to have purchased a carton of eggs from a grocery shop near Mao Market on Wednesday. The youth unsuspectingly boiled the eggs and fried them, preparing for a snack which is a regular demand. However, finding out that the outer layer of the eggs appeared different to what they were used to, they reportedly examined some of the eggs in other crates and found out that uncooked eggs had a rotten odour while the boiled eggs were odourless.

ttpAccording to a statement by the FSO, following the complaint, KMC and food safety officials collected the egg sample from the shop and sent to a laboratory for test. He said the officials had also collected samples from other egg dealers.

Kezha also said some eggs suspected to be artificial were broken for inspection, but they were found to be natural eggs. He added that only laboratory tests results will determine whether the eggs are natural, artificial, deformed or partially rotten

Recently, Nagaland Voluntary Consumers' Organisation (NVCO), through its president Kezhokhoto Savi, has demanded a thorough investigation into the matter. He said it is for the concerned authorities to test the products and find out whether they are plastic or real. He also expressed deep concern that should the product be found to contain plastic, the health of "our people" will be put at stake as eggs are a main item of food for many people, both old and young. He urged upon the responsible department to take the matter seriously and immediately act on it.

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