Nagaland’s Kalos Society- Working silently towards creating a positive impact!

Nagaland’s Kalos Society- Working silently towards creating a positive impact!

Kohima, September 11, 2017: In the recent months, Nagaland has been a centre of attraction owing to all the political turmoil and the dynamics between the political as well as the civil society. However, away from the limelight in silent oblivion, a group of people under the banner of Kalos Society at Pfutsero in Nagaland are working hard to ensure a better society by highlighting that not all hope is lost and that although a lot has been done for the betterment of people by authorities, a lot more still needs to be done.

Speaking to TNT-the Northeast Today about the objectives, Director of Kalos Society, Kupelhi Losou says, "The objective of the society is to bring a positive change in the smallest possible way and to do our best for the society to make it a better place".

KALOS is a multi- dimensional, non-denominational and non profitable organization which was formed in the year 2005 in Nagaland. On being asked why specifically the word 'Kalos' was chosen for the organization, Losou says, "Kalos is a Greek word, meaning better, fair, honest, good and worthy. With dedicated hearts, Kalos Society is trying to bring change in the smallest possible way".

It may be mentioned that Kalos does not share association with any other organization, neither is it affiliated to any political party. It is mainly involved in analysis of societal functioning in terms of administrative duties performed by designated authorities in the state. In this way, they help make the people aware of whatever is taking place and what more needs to be done. In view of this, they say, "We have done many press releases in the local newspapers to create awareness and to bring a little change in the government departments. We point out their weaknesses in certain ways".

Since its inception in 2005, Kalos Society has been actively involved in various activities that requires the involvement of society such as organization of family concert at Pfutsero Town, Quiz Competitions for high school and college level, High School literary competitions, facilitation and release of a Nagamese film called 'Revenge' , raising money for donations to help the needy, multi speciality medical camps, donations of medicines, organization of marathons and many others. the highlights of their work can be found below:

"Every now and then government officials are facing criticism in one way or the other for neglecting their duties. It is indispensable that every employer should be loyal and sincere in their duties wherever his location may be, but ironically most of them wriggle out of their responsibility making the public suffer at the expense of their negligence. Sincerity and diligence in duties has been always a word often used but it hardly becomes realistic when it comes into actions", Kalos opines.

However it must be noted that there are few officials who are diligently performing their duties at their best despite criticisms. They silently discharge their duties most diligently and efficiently without any personal benefits. In the light of the above statements, the Kalos Society Pfutsero took note of two particular department officers particularly EE PWD (Road & Bridges) and SDO, JEEs of Electrical Department whose services are recognizable and commendable.

Supporters of Kalos Society
Supporters of Kalos Society

Tiatemsü Executive Engineer PWD (R&B), Pfutsero Division who has been serving in office for more than six years now has been seen to bring about many changes in the department under his administration. As per the Kalos Scoiety, he is seen to bring about various developmental works like black topping, construction of drainage system, retaining wall and road widening etc.  Apart from PWD(Road & Bridges), the Society appreciated SDO Shreekanth Prasad Singh, JE Lovika Chisho and Vevoyi Lohe under Power Department who have also contributed greatly within their own domains.

Kalos society is a self funded organization and conducts various activities with their own funds and from those contributed by their well wishers. You can follow their facebook page here: The Kalos

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