Nagaland: Three women team up with DMC to clean colony drains

Nagaland: Three women team up with DMC to clean colony drains
DIMAPUR, June 30, 2018: Drains that were blocked by garbage, litter and weeds continued to be cleaned on Friday at Namgailong Colony in Dimapur with the help of Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) and Dimapur Traffic Police.
Seeing that there was an urgent need to clean up the main clogged drains in this locality, of which she is a resident, Ronika Miachieo, a missionary to Myanmar, along with Againa and Aloni Swu (both housewives), decided to tackle the gargantuan task.
Speaking to the media, Miachieo mentioned that a similar initiative was taken up in the year 2016 by a few housewives, which continued for two days. After this there were no other efforts to clean these drains, which had resulted in them becoming badly clogged. The deplorable condition of the drains prompted the ladies to approach the DMC to address this problem.
According to Miachieo, most of the low lying areas which acted as natural canals had been encroached upon and filled up. She appealed to the government to look into the matter of land encroachment to avoid these kinds of problems.
The drains being cleaned at Namgailong forms a network connecting with other drains at Nagarjan road, SP Colony, Police Colony, Railway Colony, Bank Colony, all of which eventually flow into the Dhansari River.
The lack of drainage and blocked drains are also responsible, to a great extent, for the deterioration of roads, especially during the monsoons.
Ronika Miachieo thanked DMC administrator Moa Sangtam, DMC sardar (Foreman), DMC labourers and the traffic personnel for extending their cooperation for their endeavour.
This is the second day of the work which will continue on Saturday. How long it is likely to go on is still unclear because of the amount of garbage that has to be removed.
Source, Image Courtesy: Nagaland Post

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