NAGALAND: Naga student bags laurels at Mangalore University with 1st position rank!

NAGALAND: Naga student bags laurels at Mangalore University with 1st position rank!

Kohima, March 6: Keneiseno Uneino Neihu was awarded two gold medals, three cash prizes and a first-position rank in MA History at the 35th convocation of Mangalore University on March 4. Keneiseno Neihu has won the Late Dr Gururaja Bhat Gold Medal, Late Dr Paduru Gururala Bhat Memorial Gold Medal, Prof B Sheik Ali Felicitation Committee cash prize, Dr P Gururaja Bhat Memorial Cash prize and Aubrey D'Souza Charitable Foundation prize.

Raised by a single mother Seno Neihu, a teacher at Chandmari Higher Secondary School, Keneiseno Neihu is from Kigwema village of Kohima district. "My mom is my mentor and always been an inspiration to me," says Kenie.

She said to have taken up history for her interest to study the northeast region's history 'because we are still lacking in many researches'. She lamented that Indian history does not have much space for the history of the region. "My interest in history started when I was in high school, my mom wanted me to take up science and get into the field of medicine but I convinced her that it was not my interest and that I wanted to take up arts and she supported me throughout my journey my teachers always believed in me and they always encourage me," she said.

Neihu completed her graduation from St. Aloysius College in Mangalore with 78%. "I was introduced to Mangalore by a Jesuit priest who was my high school principal until then I never heard of Mangalore. Initially I complained about the weather and food in Mangalore but gradually I was adapted to Mangalore and I felt in love with Mangalore."

On her success, she said that her studies were her top priority in spite of the time she spends in outdoor activities "Normally am very outgoing and I spent time in a lot of outdoor activities but what they won't know is that I have always been very sure what to do. My studies have always been my top priority I always make good use of the library and make sure I visit the library every day," she says.

"I keep myself updated with the everyday happenings through newspapers and ye shall Google!!! I take detail note of the classroom teachings and when I have any doubts I approach my professors personally."

A note for people she mentioned was that the spirit of competition in Mangalore among students was way higher compared to Nagaland. This made her to strive harder.

"I love leadership because it makes me confident. Mangalore provided me the platform to develop leadership qualities. Being a leader in these association help me built my confidence, oratory and introduce me a lot of amazing people."

Neihu is a former president of the Naga Students' Forum of Mangalore, and former general secretary and public relation officer of the Northeast People Association Mangalore.

The principal of K. Pandyarajah Ballal College of nursing, Kaini Cecilia said Neihu was a woman with great potential and leadership. "Since I have worked with her throughout her stay in Mangaluru, I would say that she gives her 100% in whatever she does and therefore she is going to contribute to the society positively in the years to come."

She said that she would recommend students to study in Mangalore because of 'the good environment for students' compared to other metros in India. 'You feel safe in Mangalore, the locals will always support you. Remember during the exodus people from Bangalore were all rushing out of Bangalore to northeast but in Mangalore, the police officers, politicians…religious leadership etc organized a conference with the northeast students to tell us that we are safe in Mangalore and that they are there to protect us.'

That was a good gesture–being an outsider you will always face many differences though not only racial discrimination but believe me that it all depends on how you deal with people, she said.

Reflecting on the Naga society, Keneiseno Neihu lamented that the people were smart 'but lazy.' She urged the people to 'come out of their comfort zone.'

"I believe that we Nagas are born intelligent and we are also smart but why we are still behind is because we're very lazy and this makes all the differences. We should learn to come out of our comfort zones take up challenges and never give up. My message to all the students is set your goals first and then strives for it and definitely success will be yours."

She wants to become a teacher in the future. "I am that person who doesn't easily give up. Ever since I was a primary student I knew I wanted to teach and as I grew older I realized I wanted to teach the college or university level and that's why am pursuing my PhD at present." She is now currently pursuing her PhD at Dibrugarh University.


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