Nagaland: Kiphire daily market complex now a labyrinth of filth

Nagaland: Kiphire daily market complex now a labyrinth of filth

KOHIMA, June 5, 2018: The daily market complex in Kiphire town has become a labyrinth of filth and stink, with a damaged garbage carrier truck loaded with waste parked near the complex for nearly two months now.

The President of the daily market complex, Yangtsali, while informing of the current situation stated that "the smell and filth is not only making us suffer but also making the town look very dirty, ugly and unhygienic."

The complex is the only place where town residents can buy vegetables and meat. Now, in some butcher stalls, even the owners cannot step inside because of dumping of garbage nearby. "Imagine the health hazard on the food that we are selling right next to the garbage dump which is piled up for days and days with no hope of cleaning," he stated.

Yangtsali informed that written complaints have been lodged with the town council to take immediate steps so that the market is healthy and free from filth.

It is not just waste from the market alone, but waste from surrounding neighbourhoods that have resulted in massive pileup of garbage, he informed, while urging the concerned authorities to take strict action.

While vendors at the market are disgusted by the conditions they have to trade under, they however say that this is their only way to survive and hence continue.

Meanwhile, concurrent to the garbage pileup conundrum, sources from the district hospital disclosed that a minimum of 8-9 cases of diarrhoea and vomiting is being reported every day, citing unhygienic conditions as a possible cause.

Source, Image Courtesy: Morung Express

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