Must visit Naga one-stop-shop in New Delhi – Uraki: Organic North East

Must visit Naga one-stop-shop in New Delhi – Uraki: Organic North East

This one-stop-shop for everything NAGA from Food to a variety of items produced in Nagaland could be exactly what you are hoping to find in Delhi.  All food items there are 100% ORGANIC and sourced directly from Nagaland. This is what makes Uraki so different and unique.

The shop is now located in 42, Gautam Nagar. near UP dairy, behind Father Agnel School, New Delhi, India 110049.

In Naga food, techniques, precision and taste are considered the three main things quintessence to a good wholesome eating experience.

All preparation techniques are kept as secret and Uraki ties up with age old 'Naga Cuisines' traditions which produce delicious items from purely organic spices without any artificial food flavorings.

One reviewer said, "It's amazing! The food is to die for! Never had food like this! I feel like I am really treating myself every time I order food from here! They also have great staff!" – Anisha Maker Malhotra

Evidently Sumi Pork and Crispy Roast Pork are considered crowd favourites apart from a wide array of many other dishes the place offers.

"Uraki is not just Nagas cooking Naga food but the recipes are designed by Authentic Naga Traditional Cooks with herbs and Spices from Nagaland. Try and Experience it!!" – Richard Belho

Uraki is also known for its collection of a vast array of organic Naga Packed Food Items and Crafts through Logistical Partner 'The Green Caravan', 'Zatara', 'Organic Nagaland', and also directly from Self Help Groups in all districts of Nagaland.

If you ever find yourself in the busy humdrum of Delhi life and you crave for that familiar warm comfort of authentic Naga food, Uraki might just be the place you are looking for.


(Featured Image Courtesy: Uraki Organic North East Facebook Page)

(Article Images Courtesy: Uraki Organic North East Facebook Page)

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