Meghalaya: Two FIRs filed against Ampati market’s lessee for overcharging, police blamed for inaction

Meghalaya: Two FIRs filed against Ampati market’s lessee for overcharging, police blamed for inaction

TURA, Aug 26, 2017: The villagers of Boldamgre in West Garo Hills have issued a complaint to their local MDC against the lessee of Ampati market regarding overcharging and alleged violation of the lease specified with the GHADC.

The villagers who sells their products which mostly includes — domestic animals, betel nit, gingers amongst others in this market located in a town in South West Garo Hills, twice a week have expressed resentment over the over-taxed amount leveled by he lessee of the Ampati market.

In line with this, the Congress MDC of Boldamgre, Stevie Marak had filed an FIR against the lessee of the Ampati Market, a few days ago. He, however, blamed the police team of Ampati for inaction since this was not the first complaint registered with the Police.

The MDC informed that this is the second FIR filed by him on the same matter to put a stop to the illegal collections of money by the lessee until further orders from the GHADC.

"It was brought to my notice by the people of my constituency that the lessee of Ampati Bazar has been illegally collecting taxes higher than the amount specified in the lease with the GHADC," said Marak in a release on Friday.

"Upon investigation, it was found to be true and an FIR was lodged at Ampati police station with evidence to stop further tax collections by the lessee at Ampati bazar until the GHADC decides on the course of action and a notification in this regard," he added.

"Despite the FIR, there was no action from the police and the illegal collection continued which was again brought to my notice and I had to file a follow up FIR. Despite two FIRs, the collections are continuing with the Officer in Charge of Ampati police station citing that "the police have no power to stop the illegal collections," said the MDC.

Upon being contacted on the matter, the SP of SWGH, Bobby W Momin said the matter is under investigation.

"We have received the FIR by the MDC and a case has been registered. We are investigating the matter and action will be taken following the investigation. If they are overcharging, they will be acted upon as per the law," said the SP.

A police source further added that as the lessee had a valid lease agreement with the GHADC, stopping of collections would only be possible only after a new order is received from the GHADC.

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