Meghalaya: Rs 2000 instead of 24000; Angry customers shuts down branches!
Meghalaya: Rs 2000 instead of 24000; Angry customers shuts down branches!

Tura, Dec 22: Facing an unprecedented cash crunch despite Christmas only being two days away, agitated customers of the town of Baghmara today shutdown the State Bank of India (SBI) branch after the branch distributed only Rs 2000 instead of Rs 24000 that is allowed per person per week.

A similar incident also took place in the village of Chokpot where angry customers pelted stones at the Meghalaya Cooperative Apex (MCAB) bank for lack of cash within the branch.

The problems began after customers seeking to ensure they had enough money for the upcoming Christmas celebrations sought more money reached the Baghmara branch. However when they were being given only Rs 2000, problems erupted.

Angry customers at Baghmara locked the SBI branch from the outside when only Rs 2000 was being provided to them.

However in Chokpot the situation was a little different wherein the lack of currency led to customers pelting stones at the branch with people inside running for cover.

In the district headquarters of Baghmara in SGH, matters took an ugly turn at around 10 AM when after people scurrying for cash were informed that only Rs 2000 would be given despite Rs 24000 being allowed per week. Payments for MGNREGS were allegedly also due leading to the current crisis.

Unsatisfied with the reply of bank officials they locked up the main doors of the bank in protest with the police and magistrates rushing o bring the situation under control.

Things came back to normal soon after the lock was broken and transactions resumed by noon.

The AGM of SBI in Garo Hills, Mr Dey informed that while there was a shortage of smaller currency yet there was adequate amount of 2000 currency throughout the region.

"We have requested the district administration and banking authorities to ensure there is enough money in the banks to meet the expenses of people for the upcoming Christmas season. We cannot expect no revolt if things are not being followed according to allowed limits," said MDC of Wagesik (Baghmara) and EM of Finance) under GHADC, Sengnal Sangma.

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