Meghalaya: Question raised over the appointment of Sports Consultant in the Sports and Youth Affairs department

Meghalaya: Question raised over the appointment of Sports Consultant in the Sports and Youth Affairs department

By Our Correspondent, TNT News | Shillong, Dec 13, 2017:

UDP West Shillong legislator, Paul Lyngdoh has questioned the Sports and Youth and Affairs department for not being transparent in the recruitment of the Sports Consultant in the department.

Raising a question over the anomalies in the recruitment of the Sports Consultant in the department during the Question Hour in the Assembly on Wednesday, Paul said that as per the information available with him, it is glaring that the department has shown some kind of favourtism to the candidate who have been appointed for the job.

It may mentioned that out of the two candidate who have applied for the job, the department have appointed one Nikita Araujo while other applicant is a local candidate, Pynshngainlang Jyrwa

While questioning over the decision of the department to advertisement in only one vernacular daily on the requirement of a Sports Consultant in the department, he also said that why the deparment did not conduct the interview of the two applicants to understand who is a better candidate.

"I would like know on what basis the Government decides that the applicant who got job ia a better candidate compared between the two. Therefore, I see there is no justification for not conducting the interview. But definitely it has put serious questions on the whole recruitment process," the UDP West Shillong legislator said.

In his reply, Sports and Youth Affairs Minister, Zenith M Sangma has defended the decision of the department to select Nikita Araujo as its Sports Consultant.

According to him, the department is in urgent need of the Sports Consultant especially with the State eyeining to host the National Games in 2022. "A lot of ground of work is required to be done and the department needs expertise advise is required at all level right from preparing the bidding for the National Games. It is for this reason we decided to appoint Nikita Araujo as the Sports Consultant without conducting of the interview," Sangma said.

Informing that the Sports Consultant appointed by the department has assisted in the various projects including the development of the sports infrastruture for the national games and also formulating of the Meghalaya Football Policy, Sports and Youth Affairs Minister said that the Sports Consultant had also help the department during the hosting of the SAF Games by the State.

To a question that of West Shillong legislator over the decision to raise the monthly salary which was fixed at  Rs 25,000 initially to Rs 80,000 following the request of the Sports Consultant, Sangma said that the Government had to agreed to raised the salaries as demanded by the "Sports Consultant" as the Government does not want to lose the service of a person with such a vast experience in this field.

To this reply of Sports and Youth Affairs Minister, South Tura independent legislator, John Leslee K Sangma questioned that if the State Government is ready to adopt the same yardstick in rasing the salaries of the Goverment officials and employees who are sincere and efficient.

To the request on the part of the West Shillong legislator and HSPDP Nongkrem legislator, Ardent M Basaiawmoit to have a relook on the appointment of the Sports Consultant, Sports and Youth Affairs Minister said that the department will definitely have a relook on this matter if it found there serious anomalies in the recruitment process.

The West Shillong and Nongkrem legislators also urged upon the State Government to give first preference to the local candidates who has better understanding of the local conditions in the selection of the Sports Consulant.

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