Meghalaya Polls | Neglected Rongjeng needs immediate fillip: UDP candidate

Meghalaya Polls | Neglected Rongjeng needs immediate fillip: UDP candidate
From Our Correspondent, TNT News | Tura, Feb 15, 2018: 
As D-day is approaching, candidates who are in the fray for the ensuing assembly polls in the state are all set to put up a tough fight. From making promises to highlighting their achievements, the candidates have done it!
Bartush Marak, one of 11 candidates in the fray to represent Rongjeng in East Garo Hills, is one of the youngest contestants in the election race, called for Rongjeng to get its due after decades of neglect.
"It does not matter what other parties have to say, the truth is there for all to see. Rongjeng, despite being one of the most important towns in Garo Hills has seen only neglect since the formation of the state. Our people, who are hard working, would have led development if given opportunities like others have," said Bartush.
The former NGO member and United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate from Rongjeng has been on the campaign trail for close to two years now.
"As a local boy, I understand the pain the people are going through due to the neglect. The incomplete Rongjeng College is testament to the fact that we have been taken for granted. The people have understood that neither the Congress nor the NPP can bring change and that's why UDP will make a difference to their lives once in power," added Bartush.
Sounding confident of a win in the coming elections for both his party and himself, the young leader stated that he would look into the health, education and agricultural sector if given mandate by the people of his constituency.
"Rongjeng has always had the potential but never the people to support that potential. There is huge scope for the development of education (junior and higher) in the town. The health sector too requires upliftment. I will also focus on agriculture and horticulture as it will generate a lot of jobs as well as income. Unemployment has become a huge problem for us and a solution has to be sought," said Bartush on his focus areas.
He also added that fighting corruption would also be one of the prime areas of focus.
"It is through the end of corruption that development can be brought. I want to fight corruption not only within Rongjeng but the entire Garo Hills," said the UDP contestant.
Bartush is in a protracted battle against the likes of sitting MLA, Sengnam Marak (INC), Jim Sangma (NPP), Desang Sangma (NCP), Rikman G Momin (BJP) amongst many others.

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