Meghalaya PHE has done it again; Unclean drinking water supplied to residents of Garo Hills

Meghalaya PHE has done it again; Unclean drinking water supplied to residents of Garo Hills

TURA: Oops!!! PHE did it again. Supplying undrinkable water is nothing new for the Meghalaya PHE department and incidents in the previous years in various districts stand testimony to this break down in public service.

This time, the incident has surfaced in North Garo Hills where people have been complaining of receiving unclean, brownish water, resembling that of drain water, the same of which has startled the residents of the region.

This came to the fore after images of muddy water being supplied were posted on social media. The town of Resubelpara-Mendipathar, villages of Rari, Bajengdoba amongst others reported similar happenings.

"The water is not even fit for washing clothes and they have been supplying the same water to us for drinking," said Sengsrang Marak, the additional GS of GSU Mendal unit.

The condition of the water that is being supplied from Bosu Dare and Rongdu to the villages Rari and Akemgre amongst others is the same with infrastructure yet to be developed to ensure safe drinking water.

"The department should answer for providing dangerous quality water for people to drink. This water is being supplied everywhere in the district and we want to know as to why the quality is so poor," said an angry resident, Bappun Sangma.

"Seems they only want to construct dams and not ensure filtration of drinking water. The state of rural health deteriorates due to this kind of negligence. Will people not fall sick if they drink this water," asked an angry resident of the district.

"It's not a new thing especially in North Garo Hills. If you want the real picture just visit any village during rainy season. There is not a single drop of clear water from any public tap. In the name of water treatment and purification they are just playing with," said another resident on social media.

Meanwhile the deputy commissioner of the district, SC Sadhu confirmed the reports of muddy water being supplied for drinking saying the matter was known to him and the department was called to find out the reason.

"They explained that they need to upgrade their infrastructure and even showed me the project details that were sent to the centre. The same is now awaiting approval after which the water can be purified. Whenever it rains things water turns muddy and the same water is being supplied to all. We will be meeting them once again to find out the status as the water can have hazardous consequences," he said.

The PHE department however could not be contacted for comment.

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