Meghalaya: Father rapes 13 year old daughter in Garo Hills; Clan members move to compromise the case

Meghalaya: Father rapes 13 year old daughter in Garo Hills; Clan members move to compromise the case

TURA: In yet another heinous crime perpetrated against the women and children in Meghalaya, a 13 year old girl was allegedly raped multiple times by none other than her father, the crime of which was resurfaced months after the girl started showing signs of pregnancy.

The incident happened in the village of Thibapara under Dalu police station in West Garo Hills where one Rasti A Sangma (in his late 40s) was alleged of raping his own 13 year old daughter multiple times, over the past few months.

Ironically, in a matrilineal society where women are supposedly respected, the role of men however, defeats the basic foundation of a matrilineal set up. This is yet another case where the role of Maharis' (clan members) once again came to the fore.

It was mentioned that Clan members has yet again allegedly tried to compromise the case leading to a delay in reporting the crime to the police and the subsequent arrest  of the accused.

It was just days ago when a case of a similar nature had surfaced in North Garo Hills where  two daughters were raped by their father with Maharis settling on a compromise, setting off angry reactions from various quarters.

The rape was only discovered after the teen became pregnant. Soon after the father's heinous crime surfaced, the Maharis immediately jumped in and asked the matter to be resolved in a compromise despite the gravity of the crime committed.

The incident was discovered late last month with the accused, Rasti, only being arrested two days ago, October 19, after a complaint.

The District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) team had earlier gone to visit the child and her family following information of rape of the teen being provided to them. A case was registered thereafter after which the child has been moved for medical treatment upon recommendation of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Tura.

 She is currently recuperating under the care of the team after being moved from the village. The accused father was arrested on the same day.

"How can Maharis take these kinds of decisions and that too in a case of such severe breach of trust? They are helping a criminal who should remain behind bars for the rest of his life. What kind of animals are these," asked Dardy GC Marak, adviser of AYC.

"We condemn such people as well as Maharis who sought a compromise in this case. Their action has shamed the entire community," said Silning D Sangma, the president of PGSU.

"Action needs to be taken against these kinds of people who help hide such huge crimes. This is now becoming a trend and needs to be stopped," added Silning.

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