Meghalaya: Defence Min holds Cong govt. responsible for rise in crime against women in state

Meghalaya: Defence Min holds Cong govt. responsible for rise in crime against women in state

By Our Reporter, TNT News | SHILLONG, Feb 15, 2018:

Defence Minister and BJP leader Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday stressed on the need to protect the social and traditional fabric of Matrilineal Meghalaya, keeping in mind the increasing case of crime against women and children in the state.

"There is quietude about women's issues. The social fabric of Meghalaya has been strong and we wish to revive it," Sitharaman said after releasing the BJP's Vision Document at the party office in Shillong here on Thursday.

According to Sitharaman, the social and traditional fabric in Meghalaya is very rich and it provides an environment where women are respected and empowered, but unfortunately, that environment is being challenged in present day.

"If that environment is now being challenged, isn't it the business of the state to ensure the safety and security of women?" questioned the BJP leader.

Taking a dig at the state Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh and his son for their alleged involvement in the infamous Marvelene Inn's trafficking case, the Defence Minister said that the matter was brought out in the open yet no actions have been taken against the culprits. "What message does it send to the public except adding to the fear to the minds of the people and encouragement for the wrong-doers," she added.

'The Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds the issue of security of women as a matter of prime importance but we must not forget that law and order is a state subject and hence its implementation varies from state to state," Sitharaman said.

When asked as to why the BJP fielded only two women candidates in Meghalaya, Sitharaman, while accepting that there should be more women candidates, however, said, "When speaking about elections, the winnability factor of the candidate plays an important role. Also, we need to field candidates keeping in mind the strength of the opposition".


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