Meghalaya: ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’- proves Nongstoin town!

Meghalaya: ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’- proves Nongstoin town!

Nongstoin, March 21:  The Nongstoin Town Committee started door to door collection of segregated household wastes from the GAD quarters on March 21. The importance of waste disposal management cannot be overemphasized. Segregation of wastes into bio-degradable and non bio-degradable at the door itself is like half the battle won. If this is done, we can eradicate the problem of dumping in Nongstoin town. Bio-degradable is being converted into manure and non bio-degradable waste like plastic, glass, tin etc are being sold to scrap dealers at a profit. Manure will also be sold. We have procured 2 battery run cycles which have least maintenance cost.

Starting from 1st week of April 2017, all government quarters like Police, DCIC, Agriculture, and Housing etc will be covered along with New Nongstoin and Upper New Nongstoin. All localities of Nongstoin town will be covered in due course of time. The District Administration is collecting Rs 30 per household from public currently. They are also making an attempt to convince the Dorbar Shnongs to increase this to make the model self sustaining and to upscale this initiative. Currently there are only 8 SLRM volunteers and 2 vehicles. Clearly it is not enough to cover the entire town. In order to encourage people to contribute more, the implementing authorities are charging Rs. 150 per month which is 5 times the existing rate from the residents of government quarters. Some of the points which need to be kept in mind are

 1) Segregation is of paramount importance. Every house should have 2 dustbins. If the waste is not segregated, volunteers will not accept them.
2) Burning of waste in the backyard should be discouraged.
3) There should be zero tolerance from the dorbar shnongs against dumping of waste in the river. Strict vigilance has to be kept.
4) All houses not having toilets along the river, shnongs should give them an ultimatum.
5) Vehicle repair/washing shops releasing water directly to river are being served closure notices.
6) BDO Nongstoin is exploring mechanism to filter water from the washing ghats.

Swachh Bharat Mission is not just a slogan, it is a way of life.

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