Meghalaya villagers file FIR against BSF for ‘fake encounter’

Meghalaya villagers file FIR against BSF for ‘fake encounter’

Tura, May 6: Residents of Belabor village today hit out at the Border Security Force (BSF's) claim of the incident that took place yesterday morning at about 11 am when the BSF men allegedly fired at villagers in the leg when they went to stop cattle smugglers.

Hitting at the BSF version of the story, the villagers also filed another FIR against the BSF men for their role in the incident yesterday.

A press release by the BSF claimed that the men of BSF posted at Kachu Adokgre in West Garo Hills had apprehended a group of cattle smugglers, who with public support had attacked them leading to them shooting two of them in the foot. A total of four people were apprehended in the case with the two injured being rushed to the Tura Civil Hospital for medical care.

The villagers however had a very different version to that of the security forces. Alleging that the BSF men had used the villagers to impress their superiors, the villagers accused the BSF of passing off normal villagers as cattle smugglers, and that too in broad daylight.

"How can cattle smuggling take place in broad daylight with the presence of security personnel all along the border," asked one of the villagers of the affected villages.

According to them the troops were in two vehicles and were led by their commandant. They were spotted in a secluded spot of a MGNREGA village road, away from their border jurisdiction, at around 9 AM.

Anil S Sangma, a resident of Belabor was allegedly pulled aside and questioned about cattle smuggling and later left off. Afterwards the BSF men moved towards Kochu Adokgre, 3 kms from Purakhasia.

Upon spotting the son of the Nokma of Belabor, Namseng Ch Sangma, tending to 6 cattle heads, the troopers accused him of attempting to smuggle the cattle across to neighbouring Bangladesh. Namseng was one of the two men shot in the leg during the incident yesterday.

Nearby villagers quickly rushed to the spot of the argument when the security men were rounding up cattle. Despite their pleas of the cows belonging to them, the troops refused to listen leading to an escalation in the matter and the firing on Namseng and another Dipiuish N Marak.

Senior district police officers along with a magistrate later arrived on the scene where villagers narrated their ordeal. An FIR was later filed by the villagers against the troops involved in the incident witgh the villagers demanding strict action.

Confirming the receipt of the FIR by the villagers, district police chief, Dr MGR Kumar said, "We are looking at all aspects of the case and an investigation into what really transpired is currently on."

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