Meet Meghalaya’s youngest marathon runner, Kian Pde Mukhim

Meet Meghalaya’s youngest marathon runner, Kian Pde Mukhim

SHILLONG: Despite the fact that the fourth Sohra Marathon took place amidst lashing rains, it did not succeed in dampening the spirits of participants. Runners, not only from the region but from across the country sprinted their way in the Sohra-Cherrapunjee Marathon on Sunday.

However, one participant stood out amongst the crowd. Kian Pde Mukhim was the youngest participant of all. At just four and a half years of age, Kian managed to cover nine kilometres at the marathon.

Speaking to TNT-The Northeast Today, Kian's mother Habari said, "I notice that technology in the form of phones and television helps keep kids occupied but can keep them from being active like they should be at their age. I think it is important to encourage our kids to be active and running is a great natural activity. I also send Kian to play soccer every weekend run by Touchline Northeast who do a great job with getting kids to be active. Getting kids to run with parents is a good way to spend time together and also be active."

It is worthy to note that despite the vast technological advancement and our increasing dependency on the same, these parents are imbibing in their kids the importance of outoor activities and encouraging them to participate them in marathons such as these that motivates them even more.

"Since Kian regularly runs and enjoys it we will continue to encourage him and our daughter Naemi to both be active", adds Kian's mother.

It may be mentioned that earlier, Kian had also participated in a 5 km run in the Swachh Bharat run that was held in Shillong.

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