Meet 10-yr old Duh, the good samaritan from Shillong who is mending animals’ lives

Meet 10-yr old Duh, the good samaritan from Shillong who is mending animals’ lives
At a time when cruelty against animals is crossing all barriers and festivals like the Yulin are giving impetus to people and their cruelty, it is surprising but heartwarming to come across people who earnestly care for animals. Such people restore our faith in humanity and become samaritans for animals in need of love, care and affection by making the world livable for them.
Amidst the gloom and remorse of the recent death of Bashlur, the brave dog who lost his battle for life comes a touching story of 10 year old Kobatamdor Nongrum(Duh). Duh has been rescuing and caring for injured and abandoned animals ever since he can remember. The youngest of the eight siblings, he comes from an extremely humble background. He stays with his mother who is a daily wage earner and siblings in a modest house in Laban,Shillong. He goes to school and he aspires to be a vet one day.
Although only 10, he takes care orphaned kittens, injured and stray dogs and cats. He lives next to a forest area, so in his free time he takes a walk to check if there are any injured birds that have fallen out of their nests due to the heavy rains. He takes them back to his home, takes care of them and sets them free when they are ready to leave. A true samaritan for animals in need, this innocent, pure soul has a lot to give to the world through his great deeds of kindness.
Since he cannot afford to buy expensive medicines, hence, he resorts to natural remedies to treat the injured animals, or what we would call 'Dawai Khasi', and believe it or not the medicines really work! He is very protective of his animals and would not tolerate any kind of negative action or harm intended towards them. Stray Animals Rescue Society (SARS), a self help group who are on a mission to ensure peaceful co-existence between residents of Shillong and the stray animals is also helping to take care of Duh's rescues.
It may be mentioned that he faces a lot of resentment and bully from the society for what he does. He has suffered beatings at the hands of his neighbours for being a samaritan. But all that has made him even more determined to continue caring for and protecting animals. 
At just 10, this young samaritan is on a mission- not only to save animals in need but also to tell and more so, teach the world that love and compassion knows no bounds and it is only through love that we can conquer even the toughest hearts.
Compiled by Shweta Raj Kanwar with inputs from True Love for Canines- Shillong Facebook Group post, Stray Animals and Rescue Society (SARS)
Picture courtesy: Lorina Richmond

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