Mawryngkneng Gang-rape case: Sordar, locality head alleged of abetting the crime, victim’s family demands ‘Justice’

Mawryngkneng Gang-rape case: Sordar, locality head alleged of abetting the crime, victim’s family demands ‘Justice’

SHILLONG: While crime against women in Matrilineal Meghalaya galores, it is a disturbing trend to see how such criminal acts are often sorted out through compromises arranged by none other than the locality leaders who assumed that reporting the same to the police would only put the locality in bad light.

'Justice' for rape victims in many villages in Meghalaya is often compromised and such instances only deteriorates the mental condition of a victim, thereby curbing down the right of every women to live a free and secure life.

A similar incident has surfaced in Mawryngkneng, a village not very far from Shillong. The Sordar and locality head of Mawryngkneng Mawmang were alleged of hiding the crime under the carpet by shielding the six persons who were accused of gang-raping a 17 year old girl on the night of January 1.

According to the relatives of the victim, the Sordar (Peter J. Lawai) and the locality head are shielding the accused while informing that one of the accused, Requestor Mukhim, is the younger brother of the headman of Mawryngkneng village.

They informed that after the incident was reported to the Sordar, he wanted to come to a negotiation but the girl's family and relatives refused. "The Sordar told us to compromise as the accused are neighbours. He even said that they would provide us the money for treatment provided we keep mum on the rape incident," they narrated.

Attempts to contact the Sordar failed as he refuses to answer any phone calls.

It was informed that the victim's family were called by the Sordar to compromise on the matter on January 2 and 3. On both days, the six boys were present.

Ironically, when the girl was taken for medical treatment in two hospitals, she was rejected by the hospital authority who defended their stance stating that the matter is a police case.

It was also informed that the victim's family were pushed aside even by the police who were alleged of refusing to pen down an FIR when the matter was narrated verbally by the victim's aunt.

It was the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights who later came to the aid of the girl. Meena Kharkongor, Chairperson of the commission completed all the legal procedures by ensuring that an FIR is filed in this regard and also sought a full report on the delay in arresting the persons and that the medical report should be furnished to the Commission.

She also said that she will write a letter to the DHS (director of health services) demanding fair treatment stating that the medical report should be provided to the victim. No hospital should refuse treatment while information to police can be done later, she added.

Kharkongor also informed that she will personally meet the Health Minister to seek special centres for rape victims.

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