Manipur University students burn VC’s effigy; MUTA sore with VC’s intransigence

Manipur University students burn VC’s effigy; MUTA sore with VC’s intransigence

IMPHAL, June 12, 2018: Manipur University students on Monday burnt the effigy of vice-chancellor Adiya Prasad Pandey, demanding his resignation while the teachers staged a sit-in on the university's campus.

The Manipur University Students' Union has been agitating since May 31, demanding Pandey's resignation following various allegations levelled against him by "misusing" his power.

The strike was intensified by imposing an indefinite shutdown on June 5 which paralysed the university. As a result, the university's semester examination which was to commence from June 6, has been postponed.

The student's body also demanded resignation of administrators from their respective posts who, along with the vice-chancellor, have misused their power.

According to the students, Pandey uses his chamber "like a night club", meeting women, contractors, businessmen, MLAs till 9pm. They say he has spent Rs 60 lakh for the upkeep of his bullet-proof car, but neglects repair or replacing the university's buses which were bought in the seventies.

They alleged that Pandey has offered tenders to close associates and got commissions besides appointing contract posts of the university without any prior notification and advertisement.

He allegedly attends office hardly 10 days in a month, leading to failure to maintain academic calendar besides delays in development projects.

According to the students' union, he frequently travels without giving any proper reason and has spent at least Rs 8 crore on his travels.

MUTA asked the vice-chancellor to clarify the allegations against him by the student body and initiate dialogue.


TNT News with inputs from The Telegraph

Image Courtesy: Imphal Free Press

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