Manipur: UNC calls 48-hrs total shut down from October 30 in protest against creation of new districts

Manipur: UNC calls 48-hrs total shut down from October 30 in protest against creation of new districts

SENAPATI: The United Naga Council (UNC) has imposed 48 hours of Total Shut down followed by Indefinite Economic Blockade including the banning of the construction of Trans Asian Railways, Jiribam to Tupul and other National Projects in all the Naga territories with effect from midnight of 30th October 2016 against the lopsided Decision to create the so called SADAR HILLS and JIRIBAM into a full- fledged district and against state sponsored terrorism by the communal Government of Manipur.

The UNC stated that every indigenous Naga village has its own well-defined traditional boundary and jurisdiction since time immemorial. There has never been any confusion on the ancestral land of the Nagas be it among the Nagas or with the neighboring communities. The indigenous Naga have all along been fighting against the arbitrary bifurcation and division of our land without our knowledge and consent.

It added that the wishes of the indigenous Naga people on the issue of the so called SADAR Hills have been expressed in the 4 memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the Naga people and the Government of Manipur(GoM) on 14th December 1981, between the Government of Manipur(GoM) and All Naga Students' Association, Manipur(ANSAM), 10th November 1992 between GoM and Naga Students' Federation(NSF), 27th September 1996 between the Government of Manipur and United Naga Council(UNC) and ANSAM and on 23rd June 1998 between the GoM and UNC & ANSAM agreeing upon that "not even an inch of Naga ancestral land and its original should be touched while creating any new district" and also written assurance given by the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), Government of India on 24th November 2011. Shri O. Ibobi Singh shall be held responsibility for any eventuality if it goes against the letter and spirit of the 4 MoUs and written assurance.

UNC further added that the land and the Nagas is inseparable. It is the obligation of every Naga people to protect and defend our ancestral land, people, identity, history, tradition, culture, custom and time honored-institutions at all cost. We are the owner of our land and we will never allow anyone to decide for the Nagas. We strongly opposed to the proposed creation of the so called SADAR HILLS and JIRIBAM SUB-DIVISSION into a full fledged revenue districts.

It said that at this crucial juncture, the UNC strongly appealed and to all the constituent units, Naga Frontal Organisations and the general public to stand unitedly and also, directed to strictly enforce this directive in their respective jurisdiction. Anyone defying and violating this directive shall be at his/her own risk.

(Source: Manipur Update)

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