Manipur: State university VC denies charges, refuses to resign

Manipur: State university VC denies charges, refuses to resign

IMPHAL, June 25, 2018: Vice-chancellor of Manipur University, Adya Prasad Pandey on Sunday said that he will not resign from the post despite protests by the Manipur University Students' Union.

"I came to Manipur to serve the university and not to resign," Pandey told reporters at his residence here.

"I deny forthwith all the students' union's allegations against me, which are mentioned in points, simply on the ground that they are baseless, malicious and mala fide. I am not answerable to any kind of unfounded and untrue allegations," said Pandey.

Pandey said he made the clarification in the larger interest of the students' community whose academic career stands hampered by the agitation.

"I would like to clear out the false allegations being used by the students' union that ever since I assumed the charge of vice-chancellor of Manipur University on October 26, 2016, there has been a series of crises in academic and administrative matters which have caused extreme hardships to the students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff of the university," he added..

The students' union has been on strike since May 30, demanding removal of the vice-chancellor for alleged malpractices.

It alleged that Pandey is perpetually late for work and uses his chamber like a "night club".

He attended office hardly 10 days in a month, used university funds for frequent travel, spending nearly Rs 8 crore on travelling, the union alleged.

It also said statutory posts of registrar, controller of examinations, librarian and curator did not have permanent appointees. It is alleged that Pandey spent Rs 60 lakh for the upkeep of his bullet-proof car.

It was also alleged that Pandey offered tenders for various works in the university to people known to him to "earn a commission".

"My visits outside Manipur are for official purposes. It is very unfortunate that my official visits for the development and welfare of the university are being quoted 'disgrace to the office'. Moreover, expenditure incurred on the official visits cannot be considered as loss to the university," he said.

"I deny the allegations as being completely unfounded," said the vice-chancellor.

The current agitation is delaying the final year's examination which had to be completed in June, he added.

Source: The Telegraph

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