Manipur: New species of flower discovered in Ukhrul

Manipur: New species of flower discovered in Ukhrul

IMPHAL: A new flower species has been discovered in Manipur's Ukhrul district's Mushroom Hills which is located located some 7,000 meters above te sea level. Mushroom Hills, located under Singcha village, is now home to the new species of flower which blooms in the upper reaches of the hills, according . The flower, which blooms only in the second week of July for two weeks, was first sighted by Singcha villagers two years back, according to Yumnam Rajeshwor, founder of Second World War Campaign Foundation.

A flower locally known as Shingcha Phiyowon was recently discovered at Mount Hoyang Kachui located at Shingcha in Ukhrul district of Manipur

The state flower Shirui Lily, a rare species of plant is found only in the upper reaches of the Siroi hill ranges in Ukhrul at an elevation of 1,730–2,590 meters (5,680–8,500 ft) above sea level. This shade-loving lily has pale bluish-pink petals but has seven colours when observed through a microscope. In the wild it flowers in the monsoon months of June and July. According to Rajeshwor, the height of the flower is over one meter and can be seen blooming within a radius of 4-5 kilometers. The villagers are planning to name the flower as "Princess of Flower," he said.

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