Is Illegal SIM cards or fear of radiation the cause of poor network in Garo Hills?

Is Illegal SIM cards or fear of radiation the cause of poor network in Garo Hills?
Naveen Pompie D Sangma, sales manager of Airtel, Garo Hills, has said that Airtel retailers in Garo Hills will be given letter of authority soon. As far as payment of commission to retailers is concerned, he said that it is a flat rate for all throughout India and is paid as per the company rules. 
Illegal sim cards used by militant groups have created a stir towards the mobile service providers such as Airtel which provoked harassment at the hands of the police. This led to a demand of a letter of authority to avoid confrontation with the police. While in another case is the fear of radiation as said by Sangma who commented that the "company is facing a lot of opposition in upgrading their towers from 2G to 3G. The owners of the land where the towers have to be erected are against the whole idea as they fear radiation problems." which is the cause of poor network in Garo hills.
Rajiv Mehta, the director-general of police recently had given orders to all the police superintendents to organize a special and intensive drive against sellers of illegal or unauthorized SIM cards which are activated from Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Tripura and to built a case against the sellers under appropriate sections of the Information Technology Act.
As it have been learnt that these illegal SIM cards which originated from different parts of the Northeast are the main source of communication between militants and criminals alike, which they can be used for negotiating and sending extortion notes.
"We have informed the court that the government has discussed the prevailing law and order situation in Garo Hills at the highest level," Rakhal Debnath, counsel for the central government, told newsmen.
The All Garo Hills Telecom Retailers Association have decided to again sell Airtel top-ups once they get the letter of authority but Peldik Ch Marak, president, All Garo Hills Telecom Retailers Association, has said that their demand for higher commission will still continue.

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