Damanbha Lyngdoh, Young Scientist of India 2015-2016

Damanbha Lyngdoh, Young Scientist of India 2015-2016

A short animated film called 'NUD – The Mithun Slayer' won the first ever film festival as the best film held by the European Multicolliguial of Parasoto (EMP) at Turku University, Finland.

The film creatively combines Khasi folklore and Science representing a research work by Damanbha Lyngdoh, a Ph.D scholar from Meghalaya, on his scientific study of the parasite scientifically known as Fasciola gigantica or commonly known as liver fluke, a parasite infecting animals and humans too. The film was made by a local freelance animator, Benjamin Syiem from Shillong.

Damanbha, currently a teacher at St. Anthony's College of the Zoology department on his last aspects of his P.HD work has many laurels up his sleeve that we can all be proud of as Northeasters and as a nation.

Working on his research for his P.Hd since Dec 2012….he has come a long way since with the probability of finishing his thesis work by next year. Meanwhile working on his thesis he has presented his work on a national and International level achieving awards for his Scientific, oral and presentational skills.

In December 2015, he was awarded the NASI SWARNA JAYANTI PURASKAR, for Best oral paper presentation in Biological Sciences at the 85th Annual Session of the Academy held at KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar on "Phylogeography of the common liver fluke and other fasciolids"

Earlier on 29 July, he conferred the Sudev Bhusan Ghosh Young Scientist Award for 2015-16 by the Zoological Society of India (ZSI) Kolkata for his scientific contribution on the "Phylogeography of the common liverfluke Fasciola spp (Platyhelminthes:Trematoda: Fasciolidae) using nuclear and mitochondrial gene markers: Clues from Northeast India"

His recent achievement being the best oral presentation for his research and the short film screening at the festival in Finland. He did us northeastern's proud by combining Science with Folklore in his PowerPoint slide presentation as well as the film. The results of which was a good response which show cased the uniqueness of Northeast east India, intriguing the audience there of our existence.

His short film participation at the first International Parasite Film Festival won the Grand Echinophthirus horridus Prix for the First Best International Parasite Film, at the XII European Multicolloquium of Parasitology, Turku University, Turku, Finland, July 2016 awarded by the Jury.

Damanbha said, "it's a great feat in itself to be a part of the EMP, which only happens once in four years and being the lone Indian representative presenting my research work over there is a proud moment for me." He further stated that he felt with the film festival, he could showcase his Khasi and northeast culture which he is proud of, interesting the people there of our culture.

The film is based on a Khasi Folkfore, U Sier Lapalang. The story is one of a Stag and the Hunter, where the Stag gets killed by the hunter. However Damanbha with his creativity represented the Stag replacing it with a Mithun and the hunter with the parasite which his study is all about.

Asked about what was next, he stated he would continue his work which is his passion and if ever given the chance again to represent his work he would continue showcasing his work combining it the history of Northeast India.

We could not be more proud of this young Scientist making us proud with his achievements and our folk fore. #beproudnortheast

– Nocy Rangsa Marak

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