BJP, RSS hiding behind mask of NPP in Meghalaya: Randeep Singh Surjewala

BJP, RSS hiding behind mask of NPP in Meghalaya: Randeep Singh Surjewala

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Feb 22, 2018: 

Continuing its tirade against the BJP and NPP, the Congress on Thursday alleged that the BJP and RSS are hiding behind the mask of the NPP before election adding that post-election, they will unleash the fury of their 'sinister' designs and 'divisive' agenda.

"They try to criticize and divert the debate from development to division and it is clear that a vote for the NPP is a vote for the BJP," senior Congress leader and AICC incharge of Communication Randeep Singh Surjewala told reporters in Shillong on Thursday.

Stating that the NPP, BJP and RSS are all two sides of the same coin, Surjewala said that the BJP has a sinister plan of demolishing the uniqueness, distinct ethnicity, special demography and diversity in customs and languages of the state of Meghalaya.

"Congress stands for development and BJP stands for division. PM Modi and the BJP talks about development, but let me ask them — how much money have they allocated to the state of Meghalaya from central funds for tourism?"What is the major project to generate employment for the youth from central government fund? Why has the centre abolished the ST sub-plan which used to benefit many ST areas including Meghalaya? Why has the PM abolished backward district grant fund which used to help backward districts including allocation of special funds to many districts in Meghalaya?" questioned the Congress leader adding that the 'false propaganda' has been exposed.

Launching his attack on the NPP, the Congress leader said "I want to ask Conrad Sangma to keep his hand on the holy cross and tell the people of Meghalaya the truth. Is it not that he and the NPP are funded by BJP? Is he not part of BJP's alliance called NEDA? Will he not forge hands with BJP after elections and does he dare to refuse PM Modi's diktats of not observing 25th December as Christmas day and instead observe it as Good governance day?"

Hitting back at the BJP for its remarks on failure of the Congress government in the state to tackle law and order situation, Surjewala said "BJP is a government which can neither protect our borders in Arunachal Pradesh nor protect areas in Doklam, Sikkim. What has happened to our borders in Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir? The truth is that naxalism is growing across India everyday and our borders are becoming more and more unsafe".

While referring to the internal and external security particularly in NE, he said that the Centre is also responsible in keeping a tap on the law and order situation in every state but  "They have failed. Its time they stop the blame game," he added.

Meanwhile, when asked about the reason behind the defection of many Congress leaders prior to the election, Surjewala said "Election is almost over and the last words would be spoken by the people. I want to point out that those self-styled people who remained part of the government for 4 years and 9 months and have now become turncoats need to be punished by people otherwise democracy will not thrive and people will always be married to opportunistic alliances."

Earlier, the Congress leader while addressing a press conference in Shillong Club on Thursday attacked the BJP led NDA government at the Centre and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegedly sheltering the people involved in India's biggest Bank loot scam.

"BJP has become the benefactor, protector and promoter of the corrupt and Loot and Scoot has become the buzzword in Modi government," reads a press statement issued by Surjewala while calling upon the Meghalaya not to be duped by 'BJP's false jumlas.'


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