Auto-rickshaw run to help raise funds for orphanage in Shillong

Auto-rickshaw run to help raise funds for orphanage in Shillong

SHILLONG: Three strangers who developed a friendship in 2014 at a music festival in Budapest made plans of travelling the world and help orphaned children. Fortunately their aim and goal in life will help benefit 50 orphans in Shillong's SOS children's village.

The trio comprising of Bram Schuurmann (Denmark, 32), Daniel Kunzle (Switzerland, 32) and Ernie Bergen (Paraguay, 36) call themselves Kohinoor Khiladis. They met at the Sziget Music festival in Budapest and they decided to do something out of the ordinary – a testament to the greatness of Kebabs and music.

They decided to travel India and help raise funds for kids of the orphanage, however with a quick stop in Nepal. You may think they were travelling in a first class flight but no they didn't. They made the journey in an auto-rickshaw! (They named their rickshaw Lily).

Their charity started off at Jaisalmer on April 4th and ended on April 16th at the SOS village in Shillong. Bumpy roads, crowded and congested cities with several breakdown of the rickshaw really didn't take a toll on their spirit to help children in need (Whom they have never met before). 30, 00 km away from home and they were here making a change in society.

Even though their charity work have ended, there is however an online crowd-funding for their initiative which will remain open till June 29th. The money raised from this will be used to meet the educational, healthcare and other living costs of the kids, aged between 3 and 19 at the SOS for an entire year.

Ernie while talking to newsmen said, "This was all an adventure for us. We didn't know that there could be a charity aspect to it. However, once we found out that we could use this opportunity to help someone, we decided that it would be children in a place we could visit SOS Children's village in Shillong met these criteria."

However, Ernie confessed that they cannot wait to get back home to recover after an endless hard-work that lasted for two weeks. But he did say that the three have discussed the possibility of doing another run next year perhaps with a bigger fundraising objective.

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